Tailor-made Lubricants for Agriculture

Our Agri Range is the exclusive solution to address your most demanding Agricultural market needs.

EV Oil

Quarts EV Fluid
Specifically designed for your electric vehicles

Powered with "Thermo Control Augmented" technology, it ensures optimal temperature of the electric battery.


The only thing better than our oils, is our service.


Australia's premier supplier of marine oils and lubricants.

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The team at Pacific Oils has Over 25 years experience in the industry with proven strong customer service levels. We pride ourselves on quality, affordability, flexibility and service to make every business transaction enjoyable.

What oil does my vehicle or equipment need?

Find the right oil, with TOTAL Lub Advisor.


  • Automotive

  • Transport

  • Agricultural

  • Earthmoving / Construction

  • Industrial

  • Marine

Engine Oil.

Driving lubricants innovation for all types of engines.

TotalEnergies has been driving innovation for 70 years to offer you a complete range of lubricants that are specifically designed to meet your needs for all types of engines: thermal, hybrid and electric.

Agri Range.

Tailor-made lubricants for agriculture.

The Total Energies Agri Range stands as the exclusive solution tailored to meet the rigorous demands of the Agricultural market, providing unparalleled solutions to address your specific needs.


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